About Teksploits

Teksploits is a minority-owned and operated small Virtual Private Network Operator that utilizes backend DNS servers with technologies such as DNS over TLS and DNS over HTTPS to keep your data secure. We also provide some limited ad-blocking technologies, which is handled by the backend DNS, to keep those annoying pop-ups at bay

Our Mission

The goal of Teksploits is to upgrade the internet from where it used to, to where it is now and to continue to be innovative moving forward. It is possible to be free of online threats, censorship, and surveillance, as was envisioned in 1989, the year the World Wide Web was created. Free expression for every man, woman and child.

Who we Are

Unique Ideas

Confidence, trust, and innovation guide us at Teksploits. We respect our clients’ freedom of choice and strive to be technologically innovative. This distinguishes our services and brand.

Market Leader

We are striving to become a market leader, with help from patrons like you. We’re expanding slowly, piece by piece, server by server, client by client all over the globe. With what began as a single VPN server designed and configure for home and personal use, is growing into one of the most trusted internet security providers on the market. Teksploits is and will be well-known among influential tech sites and IT security experts for its strong values and well-thought-out features. Happy surfing!!!


Cyber Security Solutions

Teksploits has outgrown its basic concept. We are now intending to bring about do it yourself ways to increase your internet privacy, as well as other technical concepts, in addition to VPN solutions. Please keep a watchful eye on our blog for updates, status, glitches, and outages.

Teksploits Manifesto

Our goal is to realize Tim Berners-Lee?s dream of a totally open internet. When Mr. Berners-Lee created the first successful HTML communication in 1989, he envisioned the internet as a totally different world. It was supposed to be a safe haven, free of censorship and monitoring. Unfortunately, for every good there is also bad, as the news headlines throughout the world demonstrate on a daily basis.

Every morning, our team of technologists sets out with one purpose in mind: to maintain the internet as open as possible. This is what motivates us to come to work every day. On the internet, we endeavor to ensure security and privacy. We make certain to try and make sure no one sees what you do on the internet, since they shouldn?t. For that matter, neither should we.

As a result, our VPN servers do not maintain any identifying logs. We have nothing to say about you if someone asks. However we do have in place algorithm that watches for highly explicit things such as internet trafficking and child pornography, or anything with in limits of national laws. We are proponents of a free internet who believe in a shared, secure future online. We help human rights advocates, journalists, conflict-zone volunteers, information activists, and everyone who believes in the open web?s potential as envisioned by Mr. Berners-Lee.

We?ll do everything we can to keep you informed about all areas of our service, from server status improvements to occasional hiccups, in the spirit of transparency. We want to build a long-term, mutually trusting connection with you, the customers, the patrons who share our strongly held ideals.

Customers Feedback

Teksploits is a very good VPN service. Its software is easy-to-use while also being fully featured. It uses very strong encryption, and seven simultaneous connections is generous.


Teksploits is transparent about its security and privacy practices. The VPN offers reliable connections and is easy to use on laptops, phones, and tablets.

Thomas Harrison

Cyber Secuirty Enthusiast
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