What is a dedicated IP?

Laptop With LockA dedicated IP is an IP address that is only used by one person. Most of the time when you?connect to a VPN server, you share that IP address with a lot of other users. You choose a server location, let?s say New York, and will get assigned an IP with that location. This same IP address is also used by many other VPN users that chose New York. In short, the data traffic of more than one person is being sent through the same VPN server. This isn?t the case with a dedicated IP. With a dedicated IP service, the provider will assign you a static IP address that only you can use. This IP will be different than your actual local IP, of course, so you?ll still be protected online. All your data traffic will be sent through that IP without losing any control of your privacy. Moreover, no one else can use your dedicated IP. Sadly, most dedicated IPs do cost an extra bit of money. For more information about IP addresses, you can read our article ?What is my IP address?, which will allow you to check the IP you?re using to surf the web at this very moment.
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